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I am truly missing every single one of my students daily. Due to the closing of schools we have created a 3rd grade home resources page which includes links and documents that can be used at home for learning. Nothing is being graded and everything is a review of topics that students have already learned. No new material is being covered at this time. All activities and resources are for review or extending learning of objectives taught through March 13th. Please email me at if you have any more questions. 


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Some helpful resources for learning: You can go to the 3rd grade home resources page for more!
Under Student Links on homepage: Use Clever
-Moby Max
-Education Galaxy 
- Lexia 
Other Activities to Do: Please look at the 3rd grade home resources page for links and documents 
- Reading in 20 minute chunks and writing while reading
- Science Experiments 
- Ancient China and Egypt Videos 
- Ancient Mali Videos 
- Cereal Box Project Activity Continued 


Encore Schedule 10:20 - 11:05


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