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Angle Tutorial and Practice
Go through the tutorial and then try the questions to see if you understand how to use a protractor
Drag and Drop Triangles
Classifying by angles
Triangle Review
Great Technology Enhanced question practice!!!
Triangle Splat
Choose to play by sides or angles
Math Facts Review
addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division math facts review. The only way to get better is to practice.
Quadrilateral Quest
Do you know their properties?
5th grade objectives
Select and practice the items that you are struggling with
Reading Passage Practice
Highlight and answer questions
Take this and it will grade it for you:)

General Resources

o (password swans)

o    4th Grade Science Review

o    Harcourt Science Review

o    Link to Loudon County -includes study guides and PPTs

o    Suffolk County Resources (Suffolk County Resources-a lot of review games in PPT)

 SOL Review sites for 4th grade science SOLs on the 5th Grade Math SOL Test:

·         Virginia SOL 4.7-Solar System: See 4th grade links

·         Virginia SOL 4.8: See 4th Grade links

o  Interactive online activities: Earth Moon and Sun Interactive

·         Virginia SOL 4.9 VA Natural Resources: See 4th Grade links

·         Virginia SOL 4.6-Weather: See 4th grade links

·         Virginia SOL 4.4 -Plants

o    Movie about Photosynthesis Study Jam Plant Review

·         Virginia SOL 4.5- Ecosystems

o    Producers, consumers, decomposers game 

o    Food Chain Games:

o     Harcourt Food Games

o    Quia Food Chain Game

·         Virginia SOL 4.2-Motion

o    Friction Videos 

o    4 square of vocabulary words -friction, inertia, kinetic energy, potential energy

o    Force and Motion Interactive Simulations

o    Other interactive labs: Additional Force and Motion Interactives

·         Virginia SOL 4.3-Electricity

o     Annie's Circuit builder 

o  Parallel Vs. Series Review