1.First click on Try it for free
2. Click on Strings
3. Click on your instrument
          violin, viola, cello(bass clef), double bass
4. click on 1
5. click on 2/4, 3/4 or 4/4
6. Click D major
7. You may choose free play or challenge
  Challenge: At the bottom you can change the tempo(how fast or slow you are going)
                         I recommend keeping the countdown at 30s so that you can look it over before you play
Then press start at the top

Online instruction
4/20 instruction.docx
4/27 online instruction for website.pdf
May 4 activites.pdf
May 10 activities.pdf
May 17 activities .pdf
May 25th activites.pdf
June 1st activites.pdf
I have placed my office hours and one other activity on the 5th grade learning chart!