Speech production refers to the use of the tongue, lips, breath support, voice, and jaw to produce sounds. This may also be referred to as articulation of speech. Certain sounds are easier for children to say as they require less muscle coordination, movement, and/or fine motor control. Therefore, children may typically learn certain sounds before others. 
Articulation activities you can do at home: 

  • Go on a scavenger hunt around the house and find items around your house that contain your child’s target speech sound(s).  Name each item so your child can hear good speech sounds using the target sound(s). 
  • When reading a story with your child, have your child listen for the target speech sound(s) and clap each time they hear the target speech sounds in the story. 
  • Make a list to see who can come up with the most words that begin/end with the target speech sound(s).  Use this list to practice each day words that are used every day. 
  • Look in story books or magazines for pictures that have the target sound.   
  • Write each word on two index cards so you can play a game of Memory or match. 
  • Play a game of checkers together.  Have your child name five words with the target sound each time they take a turn. 
  • Creating your own silly phrases, sentences, or stories with your sounds
  • Put word lists on the fridge, bathroom mirror, doors, etc... and every time you open the door or stand in front of the mirror say some of your words
  • Play I Spy and every person, place, or thing you look for has one of the target sounds in it
  • Play Mad Libs with free printables online, making your own, or purchasing one of the Mad Libs workbooks and fill in the blanks with words that have the target sounds
  • Singing songs with the target sounds
  • Tell jokes with the target sounds
  • Play charades and Pictionary with target sounds
  • Make a goal for a certain period of time (a day, a car ride, a meal, etc...) and try to catch a target sound being made correctly. Have the students catch their own sounds, a sibling’s sounds, or a parent’s sounds. This also work with you catching them too. Make it a fun competition.
  • Practice your sounds/words during commercials of one TV show.
  • Say your sounds/words 25 times before or after playing video games.
  • Practice your sounds/words25 times before brushing your teeth.

Helpful Websites to Practice Articulation Skills:

The following link will direct you to a variety of videos describing and outlining how to have your child produce a variety of speech sound targets. It may help if you have a mirror that you can practice in front of. 



The following link will direct you to a variety of free downloadable picture pages that include your child’s speech sound target in the beginning, middle, and end of words. Use these pictures to have your child practice their speech sounds. You can have them say each one of the pictures 5-10 times, have them describe the picture using a complete sentence, or pick a few of the pictures and create a story about them using the words with their targeted speech sounds.