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Place Value Movie and Quiz

Math for Kids
Excellent addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, numbers, and word problem practice.

Place Value Identify and Rounding (week of 9/2)

Number Balance (week of 9/9)

Balancing Equations (week of 9/9)

Additon and Subtraction Jeopardy (week of 9/16)

Estimating Sums and Differences (week of 9/16)

Addition Properties (week of 9/23)

Multiplication Facts (week of 9/30)

Multiplication Facts Game 2 (week of 9/30)

2 by 1 digit Multiplication Game (week of 9/30)

Factors Millionaire (week of 10/8)
Start the week with this game!

Factors and Multiples Game (week of 10/8)

Multiples Game (Week of 10/8)

Division Game (week of 10/22)

Number and Geometric Patterns (week of 11/5)

Numeric and Geometric Patterns-4th Grade Only (week of 11/5)

In and Out Function Table (week of 11/5)

Fraction Study Jams (week of 1/7)

Comparing Fractions (week of 1/14)

Fraction Games (week of 1/14)

Adding Fractions and Simplifying (week of 1/29)

Jefferson Lab (SOL practice)

Language Arts

SOL Pass (Use for Reading and VA Studies)

Virginia Studies
Liberty Kids
Watch episodes of Liberty's Kids on You Tube for background about the American Revolution.