Swans Creek Elementary School has a site-based gifted program, which means that students receive gifted services within our  school!  

The program for student in kindergarten through third grade is called START. 

The program for 4th-12th grades is referred to as SIGNET. 

Students may be identified as requiring gifted services in the areas of language arts and math, which is a specific placement for services or may be placed in the area of general intellectual ability. 

For more information about how to refer your child, please e-mail me at rileyks@pwcs.edu

​Dear Students and Families,  

I want you to know with all of the things going on right now and the uncertainty of what lies ahead, I am here for you all.  For all those who have emailed already, thank you for continuing your efforts and my family and I are doing well.  I hope that you and your families are safe and healthy.  I am not providing any new instruction at this time and as always, I am not providing letter grades.  Continue to challenge yourself with centers, games, and family time.  On the page links below I have provided lots of learning opportunities, please task advantage.  If you draw something amazing, or learn something exciting on your adventures through the links, please email me and/or share in teams so we can all enjoy your continued learning experiences.  As more information becomes available and for our staff sharing some joy, check out our facebook page!  I miss you all and I am here for whatever you need.  Happy learning and big hugs!

Mrs. Riley


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May Thinking Calendar

Charlotte's Web read aloud K-2

Charlotte's Web read aloud 3-5 Activity

Here is a read aloud of one of my favorite stories.  It is a powerpoint presentation and you simply need to watch the "TV" to see me reading to you.  To get started, click the word slide show and click from beginning.  It does take about 2 minutes to load, so be patient. There is a link on the easel to questions to think about after each chapter.  If you click on the little book cover in the corner it will take you back to the book reading slides.  There are also blue links to activities and fun additions to the story in the questions. I hope you enjoy this extra experience!