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"The true purpose of arts education is not necessarily to create more professional dancers, musicians or artists. [It’s] to create more complete human beings who are critical thinkers, who have curious minds, who can lead productive lives."

All concerts that were scheduled are cancelled!!!!

I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time! My page has all the topics that we covered so far and then I listed the topics that we did not cover, just for your reference. Checkout my useful links tab on the left side for some fun alternatives to playing or some ways to review. Please know if I add different music to the files and documents page students are not required to learn this music nor will I ask for a video of them playing any music. I will not be presenting any new material or grading anything that I put on my website or send in an email. All links and music packets are optional. I am just providing resources to help you keep students' minds active during this unexpected, extended summer break. I am not asking for you to try to teach your children at home. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to email me. I am also connected to Ms. Ruleman and Ms. Sherman's class dojo page.