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Swans Creek Elementary    Ms. Walton’s VPI Classroom       2019-2020  


Virginia Foundation Blocks For Learning

Comprehensive Standards for Four-Year-Olds

August 2019

Literacy-L.1a, L.1h

History and Social Science- HSS.1c, HSS.1d,  HSS.3a, HSS.6a, HSS.6d, HSS.6e, HSS.7a, HSS.7b, HSS.7c, HSS.7d, HSS.7e

Health and Physical Development- HPD.1.1a, HPD.1.1b, HPD.1.2e HPD.4a, HPD.4b, HPD.4d, HPD6.2a, HPD6.2d

Personal and Social Development- PSD.2b

September 2019

Literacy-L.1b,L.1g, L.2b, L.2d, L.3b, L.4a

Mathematics- M.2a, M.3c, M.4a, M.4b, M.4c, M.4d M.5a

Science- S.7a,S.7b, S.7c, S.7g

History and Social Science-HSS.1a,HSS.1b,HSS.3b, HSS.3c, HSS.4e, HSS.6b,HSS.6c, HSS.7f,HSS.7g,HSS.7h

Health and Physical Development-HPD.1.3a, HPD.1.2a, HPD.1.2d, HPD.1.3b,  HPD.1.3c, HPD.1.3d,HPD.2b,HPD.3a,HPD.4c, HPD.5a, HPD.5b,HPD.5d, HPD.6.1a, HPD.6.1b, HPD.6.1c, HPD.6.1d, HPD.62b, HPD.6.2e, HPD.7b,HPD.7c, HPD.8a, HPD.8b, HPD.8c

Personal and Social Development- PSD.2a, PSD.2c, PSD.2d, PSD.3a, PSD.4a, PSD.4b, PSD.4c, PSD.4e, PSD.5c,PSD.5d, PSD.5e

Visual Arts-VA.1a

October 2019

Literacy-L.2a,L.2c,L.3c, L.4, L.4c, L.4d,L.5a, L.5b, L.5c, L.5d, L.5e, L.5f

Mathematics- M.1b, M.6a


History and Social Science-HSS.2a,HSS.4b

Health and Physical Development-HPD.1.2b, HPD.1.2c,HPD.2a, HPD.2c, HPD.5c,HPD.6.2c,HPD.7d

Personal and Social Development-PSD.1a, PSD.1b, PSD.1c, PSD.1d, PSD.1e, PSD.1f, PSD.2e,PSD.3b, PSD.3c, PSD.3d, PSD.4d,PSD.4f, PSD.5a, PSD.5b

Music-M.2b. M.2c, M.2d, VA.3e, VA.4d

November 2019

Literacy-L.1d, L.1e,L.6a, L.6b, L.6c

Mathematics- M.1c, M.1d, M.2e, M.3a, M.5b, M.5c, M.6b

Science- S.1b, S.1c, S.3a, S.6d, S.7e

History and Social Science-HSS.1e, HSS.2b,HSS.3d,HSS.4c

Health and Physical Development-HPD.2d,HPD.3b, HPD.3c

Personal and Social Development-PSD.3e

Visual Arts-VA.4b, VA.4c

December 2019

Literacy-L.1f, L.1c

Science-S.6a,S.6b, S.6c

History and Social Science-HSS.2f, HSS.2g

Mathematics-M.3a, M.4d, M,4e, M.4c

Visual Arts- VA.1b, VA.2c, VA.3d

January 2020

Literacy-L.3d,L.6d, L.6e

Mathematics-  M.5a,M.6c

Science- S.1a, S.1d, S.4a, S.4b,S.4c, S.5b

History and Social Sicence-HSS.2c,HSS.2d, HSS.2e,HSS.4a 

Visual Arts- VA.1d, VA.1c, VA.4c

February 2020

Literacy-L.3a, L.3d 


Visual Arts- VA.3a, VA.3b, VA.3c


Science-S.3d, S.5a, S.5c 

History and Social Science-HSS.4d

March 2020

Literacy-L.4e, L.4f, L.6f,L.6h,

Science- S.2d,

History and Social Science- HSS.3a, HSS.4a, HSS.5a, HSS.5b, HSS.5c, HSS.5d, HSS.5e, 

Health and Physical Development-HPD.7a, HPD.7b, 

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