Math at Swans Creek

Math continues to be a major focus at Swans Creek Elementary School.  Our school follows the Prince William County School pacing guides and planning documents.  We believe in a blended approach to teaching mathematics.  Students are exposed to hands on manipulatives to gain access to math content.  They work both conceptually and procedurally through rich word problems and activities.

Math Connects012

Attention students and parents! Most classes have log in information to be able to access the Math Connects textbook at home! Your teacher has this information!

You can also access math facts practice through Fact Dash which is an interactive game through Math Connects.

There are many great resources for helping your child with math through Math Connects.
Home Math Award235

Starting in September, your child will receive a Math Log on the back of his or her Reading Calendar! We are bringing back the opportunity for a Home Math Award.

To achieve the award, students must complete 3 math activities per week throughout each month and submit the Math Log at the end of each month. Students must complete the reflection portion of the log and collect a parent/guardian signature!

Classroom teachers will provide the logs to students. But if you need to reprint you will be able to find the log in the Files section of our Math Website. You will also find a grid of suggestions for math activities to do with your child.

Game 24 Club for 2017-18  - Temporarily postponed21

Game 24 Club will meet on Tuesday mornings at 8:00 in the Story Room (not the last Tuesday of the month).

 Reminder: Since we do have 30 members plus a healthy wait list, if a student misses 3 club meetings, that child will be removed a student from the wait list will be given the opportunity to join our Game 24 Club.

All About Math

Don't forget to use the PWC Math Website as a tool to help your child in math or to find additional math opportunities in our county!

Turn Game Night into Family Math Night!


A large focus for Swans Creek Elementary students and teachers is basic fact and concept mastery.  In order for students and teachers to be successful, parents need to help their children grow in their math fluency and number sense.

Below is a listing of fun family games that you can play with your children or that they can play with friends to strengthen their skills:
  • Monopoly (with the paper money, not electronic)
  • Rummikub
  • Connect Four
  • Sumoku
  • "War" the card game
  • Trouble
  • Yahtzee
  • Uno
  • 99 or Bust
  • Parchisi
  • Memory matching games
We know they are using technology, so parents check out this awesome website that gives you ideas on how to use your child's love for gaming to their educational advantage:

Parent Toolkit789

This website offers great parent tips for helping children at home. There are real life options as well as links to other resources.



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