school bus 

Kindergarteners are dismissed first. Two TAs pick up all car riders students from each class and walk them to the gym.  Students sit in a line and are monitored by the kinder TAs, as well as the 4 other teachers assigned to the car riders in the afternoon. Students have their parents Car Tag Number tagged on their backpacks. When their car tag number is called they are escorted to the car by a teacher. If the kindergarten student has siblings, they sit with their older siblings in the cafeteria while waiting for pick up. 

Each classroom teacher walks their class to the buses and puts their students on the bus. The students are grouped in bus order and the teachers carries a checklist that identifies which students are on which buses. Additional staff members assigned to bus duty help with getting  the kindergarteners on the buses. All kindergarten students are given seats at the front of the bus. 

All kindergarten students that are walkers are escorted to the walkers designation by a TA. The TA remains in that location until the parents arrive to meet their child. We have few kindergarten walkers. Most parent pick up by car.  If they have older siblings, they are permitted to walk home with them, as long as we have received parent permission.